Tech Talk 2013

These resources were discussed during the session "Using Technology to Encourage Reading in Library Programs."

Biblionasium is a website where kids can set up virtual bookshelves, share book recommendations, track their reading and more. Accounts must be set up by a teacher or parent.

Book Pass
We modified the lesson presented by Murray Hill Middle School so that it worked for our students. There is a wealth of information about the idea of a book pass on this website.
Murrary Hill Middle School Wiki - Book Pass

Book Recommendations
Students in 7th and 8th grades write book recommendations that we post on our Disney Book Blog.
Book Recommendation Blog
This is the assignment and rubric we use for book recommendations.
Book Recommendation Assignment

Book Trailers
This is the Storyboard handout we used for our Book Trailer project.
Here is the project outline we used for this project.
Book Trailer Project Outline
We use these websites to introduce books to students and to help students find books they are interested in reading.
Book Trailers for Readers
This Illinois librarian's blog is a great resource for book trailers and other reading material especially for the Bluestem and Rebecca Caudill Awards.
Mr. Schu Reads

Dewey Decimal Rap
Scooter Hayes is a Children’s Librarian in North Carolina and created The Dewey Decimal Rap which has gone viral.
Dewey Decimal Rap
With permission from Scooter Hayes, some of our students recreated the rap in an after school program.

Speed Dating with Books
We used this handout we found online for our speed dating with books activity.
Speed Dating With Books Handout